Sunday, 19 October 2008


Managed to pick up a high res screenshot of the 2nd homepage screenshot late yesterday.

And to answer a person on liveside about their concerns:

'Also, on the homepage snapshot on his blog, "News Storys" is spelt wrong,
as well as "Video Clips" and "Websites" aren't as simple as Web, News, and
Video. '

Correct. There are a couple of prototypes going around, the designer for this particular one tried to make it 'more natural English' - however failed to notice a typo. My job is to find this mistakes and report them for their next working day. If you look at the other shot I managed to get you'll see other designers are trying out different things.

Signing off, 'Joe'

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Anonymous said...

Ok, so maybe you are right, and I'm wrong. But I've gotten skeptical on Micorosft making good change too often for it's web services. If you are correct, then I'm quite excited! I wish I had the opportunities to test out something more exciting.